Broadview Dark Horse L/S

Fund Strategy

  • Long/Short strategy – directionally biased
  • The Fund has the ability to exploit different parts of the capital structure
    • To date we have focused on North American equities and equity-like securities
  • We exploit structural, nuanced and temporal inefficiencies in public securities markets
    • Focus on what we believe to be inefficient parts of the market

Investment Process

The Fund is a concentrated, fundamentally driven, hedged, equity-focused portfolio that aims to exploit mispriced securities via long or short positions. The managers aim to avoid liquidity, concentration and market risk by adhering to strict risk controls and discovering esoteric company specific opportunities to exploit with long & short positions. The managers  seek to develop an information edge by conducting their own independent fundamental research on each individual security within the portfolio to avoid potential biases from sell-side analysts.

    Investor Profile

    • Accredited investors seeking capital appreciation and to diversify their long only equity exposure  
    • Investors looking to exploit mispriced securities via short & long positions in a primarily North-American Equity Focused portfolio
    • Investors looking for exposure to underfollowed or misunderstood securities due to complexity, illiquidity, irrational selling, lack of size or unpopular industry

    Monthly Commentaries


    Portfolio Managers

    Portfolio Manager, Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners Ltd.
    CO-President & CIO, Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners Ltd.

    How to Invest

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    Fund Overview

    Fund Overview: 

    Fund Performance

    Fund Performance: 
    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
    2020 -0.67 -0.38 - - - - - - - - - - -1.05
    2019 0.26 -0.01 0.75 0.01 3.54 1.33 -0.35 -1.75 -1.52 -1.51 -1.68 1.84 0.77
    2018 1.14 -1.52 -1.51 -1.05 0.88 1.01 -1.22 2.34 -0.18 1.58 -0.90 0.52 1.00
    2017 -1.44 4.68 0.52 2.38 -0.43 0.19 -0.81 0.97 1.37 2.52 -1.83 2.53 10.96
    2016 -4.36 0.64 3.27 0.66 -0.23 0.87 0.48 -0.39 0.76 -0.03 -3.32 -1.93 -3.75

    Growth of $100,000

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    Risk Bar Description: 
    Risk Rating

    Portfolio Details

    Fund Codes
    A Class: AHP 300
    F Class: AHP 308

    Management Fee
    A Class: 2.5%
    F Class: 1.5%

    Performance Fee


    Monthly with 20 business days notice

    Prime Broker
    Scotia Capital


    RBC Investor & Treasury Services

    ^ Minimum Investment for accredited investors is $25,000
    ^ Minimum Investment for non-accredited corporate purchases is $150,000


    Source: Arrow Capital Management Inc./Morningstar, 2019

    Fund inception date is January 1, 2016.

    Commissions, trailing commissions, management, performance and other fees may be associated with this investment. Investors should read the offering memorandum before investing. Unless otherwise stipulated returns are for Class F units in Canadian funds. Except as otherwise noted returns are historical compounded total returns including changes in the unit value and reinvestment of all dividends or distributions and do not take into account the sales, redemption, distributions or optional charges or income tax payable by the investor that may affect the compound growth rate and are not intended to reflect the future value of the fund. Past performance may not be repeated. Offering of units in this fund are made pursuant to the Confidential Offering Memorandum (OM) only to those investors who meet certain eligibility or minimum purchase requirements. Important information, including this fund’s fundamental investment objective is contained in the OM which may be obtained from Arrow Capital Management Inc.