Exchange Traded Funds

Arrow Canadian Advantage Alternative ETF

The Fund seeks to deliver consistent returns by investing in a portfolio of Canadian equity securities chosen from those industries that management believes offers the best opportunity for profitable returns at each stage of the economic and market cycle.


Arrow EC Income Advantage Alternative ETF

The Fund seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with low volatility in all interest rate environments. Unlike traditional fixed income strategies, the Fund maintains attractive exposure to a diversified portfolio of Canadian investment grade corporate bonds, seeking to eliminate the interest rate risk associated with such bonds.


  • Corporate Credit Strategy
  • Low Correlation
  • 4-5% Distribution (Monthly)

Exemplar Growth and Income ETF

The Fund seeks to provide a balance of growth and income, making strategic asset class shifts based on where the best opportunities exist. With a focus on providing capital preservation during times of market turmoil, the Fund’s managers aim to mitigate risk through various hedging strategies.


  • CDN Balanced Fund
  • Minimize
  • Volatility/Drawdowns